Thursday, April 9, 2009


“THIRTY FIVE sheep?” I seek confirmation; it seems like a high number.

“and thirteen butchered ones.” Pasquale continues.

Although Ca’Mazzetto is a dairy farm, they are not opposed to selling their livestock for meat. In fact, it is a necessity to keep the sheep count somewhat constant. To yield milk, ewes need to yield lambs; and with approximately 350 sheep at Ca’Mazzetto, a given year may see 300 new lambs.

In Italy, Easter is indisputably the most popular time for a cuisine of sheep or lamb. The farm has been “gearing-up” for the send-off: flock troublemakers indubitably hear their owner’s threat of “Easter is coming!”

“So you just sold thirty five sheep and thirteen butchered ones for meat?” I ask again.

“Si. Si.” Pasquale finally replies.

“That’s a lot. Is that good?”

“No. Three hundred fifty is better.”

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