Friday, April 10, 2009

Prayer to Saint Francesco

(1:30 PM; Wooden Pew; Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi)

Blessed San Francesco; Ciao. Brigit here.

Well, I made it. It’s been a difficult trek getting to Assisi but I guess you already know that. I’m thinking that’s part of the Pelegrino mantra – “a challenging journey”. I’m told you did your pilgrimage with a smile; that’s why you’re a saint and I’m not. On that note, forgive me for calling my borrowed bike a Pezzo di merda. And thank you for providing me with the embankment to fling myself off of when the brakes failed; that was better than the alternative: flying straight off the hill.

Is it in bad taste to start my prayers with a litany of requests? .. (receiving answer) .. Perfetto! Can you do something about my new set of owies? I have a couple hematomas, cuts, bruises, swollen back and a general feeling of “I’ve been thrown off a bike”, which I guess I have. On my journey back home, I’ll continue to walk the bike down the steep parts but maybe if the chain could stay on during the cycling parts, that would be great.

I really liked the supporters you placed on my Giro when I finally got back on the bike after the crash. I felt like a Maglia-Rosa cyclist with all the fans cheering me alongside the country roads; the chickens, ducks, and geese made a racket. I’m not sure what the farmers in their three wheeled vehicles were yelling but it was encouraging. And the village dogs that chased me indeed made me pedal faster.

By the way, your church – err - cathedral is nice. I could hear the symphony of bells at noon while eating cold pizza in an olive orchard outside of Assisi. That was sweet.

You must have many friends; do you know there is a line to see your tomb? I bet you’re never lonely.

Okay; va bene. I must go now - hike and bike! Thanks for listening.

(12:30 AM; Roll-Out Bed; Ca’Mazzetto, Coccorano)

Blessed San Francesco; Ciao. Brigit here again.

Thanks for guiding me safely with no bike calamities on the way home.

You know what was my favorite part of the day .. (No offense. You’re crypt is magnificent) .. On the final climb up to Coccorano, seeing my sheepies graze while looking over the town of Valfabbrica. My heart just sang. Thank you.

Please look after my loved-ones back at home, please say “hello” to Little Stephen and Abigail, and Grazie for this day. Nightie-night. It is an honor to have walked in your footsteps.

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