Monday, April 6, 2009


On TV, the boys watch soccer and music videos; their younger sister watches Simpsons (dubbed in Italian) and Hanna Montana. They are on holiday and I feel the same.. I’m watching sheep!

“You should check your email” Erin, my fellow New Zealand wwoofer, suggests. “There’s been an earthquake.”

“Earthquake!? Where?”

“Here. In Italy. Check your email “ Erin advises again. “Your mates will want the news.”


The Evening News:

Today, Monday the 6th of April, Bree took the "ship" out to graze – again. All sheep present and accounted for, minus the “feeble beast” that gave Bree so much strife yesterday, buckling every few feet on the way home.

The ewe did not make it out of the barn this morning. She gave birth to a black and white lamb: Abigail.

This concludes our earth shattering news coverage.

Reporting live from Coccorano, Buona Notte, I’m Brigit Otero.


  1. You are too damned cute. Earthquake? What earthquake? Mindy said, "Quick, write to Brigie and see that she is OK." Obviously we have nothing to worry about. You're safe and sound in sheep country. Baaa Baaa Baaa.
    Reporting live from Santa Barbara, We're the Pods.

  2. Hi Brig,
    We were talking about the whole earthquake thing on the group ride this morning...and how everyone was worried about you when we heard there was an earthquake. I had read your blog so I knew all was ok. Well, except for baby Stephen, who I am still sad about. Poor little lamb. Funny how it is so easy to get attached to something so seemingly insignificant, so far away...but it was like I knew him....from your blog. Anyway, it will be great to see you when you get back! The time has just flown by.

  3. Hi Brig! Of course I thought of you as soon as I heard about the earthquake. I'm so glad you are safe and sound! Much love girl!